Lightning Protection Systems

Maintenance Services

Regulation SRT-900/15.

Our Services

  • Maintenance service of lightning rods and grounding of the works carried out
  • Grounding measurement services
  • Soil resistivity measurement service
  • Circuit breaker testing service
  • Fault loop measurement
  • Thermographies
  • Lightning rod verification service
  • Engineering studies for grounding and lightning protection
  • Study and engineering of cathodic protection
  • Maintenance of cathodic protection systems


* Measurements and tests, including PAT and LPS maintenance must be performed once a year, as required by regulation SRT-900/15.

What Our Clients Say

Dario Vera

Safety & Environmental Management Southern Cone | BAYER S.A.

In the 15 years that I have been working in Safety and Hygiene, PROINEX has been the only company from which I have received professional advice with solid technical foundations regarding installations against atmospheric discharges.

Emiliano Manzanelli

SSMA - Catamarca Plant : Loma Negra C.I.A.S.A.

Proinex is a serious, responsible and highly committed company with the services it provides. This generates in us a high reliability in each joint task. In the market, it is the only supplier that can provide an installation, maintenance and control service of SPDA with this high level of quality.

We take pride in designing and manufacturing innovative and high quality products.