The Best Lightning Protection Solutions

We help you protect your company's personnel, equipment and facilities from atmospheric discharges.


We offer comprehensive solutions in lightning protection

At PROINEX, we design, manufacture and market products for comprehensive lightning protection, grounding systems and protection systems against transient voltage peaks. We also offer you our maintenance services for your company's facilities.

We want to bring you innovation

We cover all stages of the protection process, from product research and development to equipment installation and certification.

Our team works daily on new materials and devices for a more efficient integral solution. Our offer is adapted to your needs to guarantee the security you need.

We will always be there to help you

Thanks to the quantity and variety of dedicated products we manufacture, we can help you with a comprehensive solution to your lightning protection and earthing problems.

We have a solid structure that allows us to offer you the best services and carry out works in any part of the country.

Products & Services

Our products and services

Lightning rod

Every day about 8 million lightning bolts strike the earth. Only one could cause great material and human losses. At PROINEX, we can help you to protect the safety of your people, your facilities and the electrical and electronic equipment of your company. See Products


Lightning and electrostatic charging can cause irreparable damage to buildings, industrial structures, electrical equipment, vehicles and people. A good Grounding System can help you ensure safety and avoid serious consequences in your business. See Products

Electrical Protection

The electricity supply in industry is not provided in a clean and homogeneous way. Surge protectors protect industrial equipment from voltage spikes generated by the power supply or external factors. View Products

Facilities Maintenance

With +20 years of experience, coupled with a team of highly specialized technical professionals and engineers, we can help you ensure that your company remains operational, regardless of the severity of the thunderstorms. View Services 

Lightning rod

Find different solutions to cover all the needs you may have in your company.


Discover our products to ensure the safety of your company's personnel, equipment and facilities.


We carry out evaluations of all the equipment and materials in the facility to verify their correct operation.


What our clients say


Safety & Environmental Management Southern Cone | BAYER S.A.

In the 15 years that I have been working in Safety and Hygiene, PROINEX has been the only company from which I have received professional advice with solid technical foundations regarding installations against atmospheric discharges.


SSMA - Catamarca Plant : LOMA NEGRA C.I.A.S.A 

Proinex is a serious, responsible and highly committed company with the services it provides. This generates in us a high reliability in each joint task. In the market, it is the only supplier that can provide an installation, maintenance and control service of SPDA with this high level of quality.

Marcos Estrella


Very good experience, excellent service, very good responsiveness and according to WDAR HSE standards. I recommend PROINEX because of the technology it has and the capacity to respond to high HSE standards. 


Purchasing - Contracting | CENTRAL PUERTO S.A.

Our experience with the company PROINEX has always been excellent. Diego Subilibia, always attended to our requirements in an outstanding way. I recommend PROINEX for its great technical capacity, professionalism, and the human quality of its staff.


INTI Certification

Our products EOS-34, MPTV and ENZA-2 have their tests in the laboratory and are certified by the National Institute of Industrial Technology.

ISO 9001 Certification

"Design, manufacture and marketing of products for integral lightning protection, earthing systems and protection against transient voltage spikes". 

Ex Certification

Our Vehicle Grounding Monitor (MTPV) is certified according to IEC Standards. 60079-0 / IEC 60079-1 / IEC 60079-11.

IRAM tests

Our products EOS-34 and ENZA-2 have their laboratory tests according to IRAM standards.

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